Our Technology

“Only line of trays on the market that contains peelable, built-in liners to clean up in seconds.”

Peel-a-Tray products are backed by an eco-friendly, patent-pending liner technology. The durable, standalone trays feature a reusable, hard-substrate base with multiple built-in liners.  Each liner can be easily peeled away immediately after use, leaving behind a clean tray for another job in just seconds. No other tray on the market features built-in liners, eliminating the need to purchase separate inserts.

The Peel-A-Tray line is ergonomic, manufactured in the U.S. and is eco-friendly. A typical cleaning of a traditional paint tray can waste up to 10 gallons of water. The Peel-A-Tray requires NO WATER to clean, is made of 50 percent recycled material, uses 50 percent less material than five traditional tray inserts, uses 50 percent less energy to produce and occupies 50 percent less landfill space than comparable trays.

Cleaning Tips:

  1. Pour out excess paint before removing liner
  2. Peel tray in counter clockwise direction for best results
  3. Always use 2 hands while removing dirty liner
  4. While peeling keep bottom thumb firmly on new liner
  5. Please Recycle Wisely


  • Finish painting.

  • Start peeling from the paint well tab side corner - peel corner to center.

  • Peel along tab side to tray feet - peel corner to center.

  • Peel back wall between tray feet - peel corner to center.

  • Peel up last edge toward paint well - peel corner to center.

  • Collect all 4 liner corners in center of tray and twist.

  • Pull used liner from center of tray to reveal a clean new tray.

  • Pierce used liner and squeeze remaining paint back into can.