Peel-A-Tray Community Outreach Project

Habitat for Humanity

Peel-A-Tray, a producer for paint trays with built in liners, has donated their trays to Habitat for Humanity Silicon Valley. This project effectively promotes Habitat for Humanity’s persistent goal to provide society’s less fortunate with housing while being environmentally conscious.

HFH is excited about the Peel-A-Trays because they use 50% less plastic in manufacturing, 50% recycled material and 50% less energy in production. This translates to a smaller carbon footprint and less material going to the dumpsters. Also, Peel-A-Trays will allow HFH to conserve paint, allowing each bucket of paint to do more; while simultaneously eliminating the need to use water to clean paint trays, which otherwise leads to ground water contamination. HFH feels these qualities will help them in attaining LEED certification.

Peel-A-Tray is excited about the first donation of trays to the HFH network. This project allows Peel-A-Tray to give back to the community while effectively gaining customer feedback. There are plans for more trays to be donated to other HFH branches across the country.