Clearly Clean launches the Peel-Away Paint Tray

Clearly Clean Products, LLC, today announced the launch of the eco-friendly Peel-Away Paint Tray — a patent-pending line of five mess-free paint trays in one. The durable, standalone trays feature a reusable, hard-substrate base with four built-in liners that can be easily peeled away immediately after use, leaving behind a clean tray for another job in just seconds.

No other tray on the market features built-in liners, eliminating the need to purchase separate inserts. The 9-inch version of the tray is now being carried by all Sherwin-Williams and Duron Paints & Wallcoverings stores nationally.

The Peel-Away Paint Tray line features products geared to both the do-it-yourself (DIY) and the professional markets. In addition to the conventional 9-inch tray, this product line includes 4-inch and 7-inch standalone trays (for trim and smaller rollers) and 18-inch standalone trays (for back rolling). For those painters who are looking only for inserts, the Peel-Away Paint Tray line also features a five-in-one pack of sturdy, peel-away liners, including a hard-substrate base that will fit most existing 9-inch and Pro 4-quart paint trays. In addition, the line includes a Peel-Away Paint Station that provides a molded surface to support all your painting tools. This product line accommodates both latex and oil-based paints.

“Clearly Clean is excited by the launch of the Peel-Away Paint Tray because there is simply nothing else like it on the market today,” said Jeff Maguire, president of Clearly Clean Products, LLC. “With this product, there is no longer the need to clean your paint tray – a messy, time-consuming and dreaded chore. Painters everywhere can now take a lunch break or start a new paint job without the hassle. Plus, you are able to easily save excess paint rather than washing your money down the drain.”

“Anyone who has ever attempted to purchase inserts for a paint tray and struggled to ensure the correct fit understands the benefits of built-in liners,” said Millard Wallace, the product’s inventor. “With the Peel-Away Paint Tray, you are ready for a new job in seconds. End consumers and contractors alike want to save money, time and effort, and the Peel-Away Paint Tray allows them to do just that. In short, this product is unique and is less expensive than competitive offerings – two of the most important ingredients for any successful product launch.”

The Peel-Away Paint Tray line is ergonomic, manufactured in the U.S. and is eco-friendly. A typical cleaning of a traditional paint tray can waste up to 10 gallons of water. The Peel-Away Paint Tray requires NO WATER to clean, contains 50 percent recycled material, 50 percent less material than five traditional tray inserts, uses 50 percent less energy to produce and occupies 50 percent less landfill space than comparable trays.