What is the worst part of every painting job? Cleaning-up is definitely the worst. Peel-A-Tray now makes a difficult job clean and easy.


A lot of products claim  Green but do they truly deliver? Peel-A-Tray is truly friendly to the environment. You can easily see that our liners use much less material.

Made In USA

There are few products that are still made locally. Peel-A-Tray was invented and is manufactured in the USA.

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Peel-a-Tray  products are backed by an eco-friendly, patent-pending liner  technology. The durable, standalone trays feature a reusable,  hard-substrate base with multiple built-in liners.  Each liner can be  easily peeled away immediately after use, leaving behind a clean tray  for another job in just seconds. No other tray on the market features  built-in liners, eliminating the need to purchase separate inserts.